Power of Attorney Services

Power of Attorney Services

Power of Attorney Services

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a written authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf in business or some other legal matter. Bangladeshi nationals living in abroad can use POA as a legal way of managing property, bank loans, stock, and other tangible property in Bangladesh.

For Executant(s) :

  • Duly filled-in and signed application form; (in case of more than one executant, only the first executant should fill in and sign the application);
  • 02 (two) sets of unsigned Power of Attorney;
  • Executant(s) valid Bangladeshi passport or valid UK/EU passport with No Visa Required (NVR) stamp/sticker (Passport validity should be minimum of 6 months);
  • 3 (three) copies of a recent passport size photograph (colour photo with white background) for each of the executant(s);
  • In case of Land Property related POA, copy of updated tax receipt (Dakhila) of respective land and update Record of Rights (Khatian/Porcha);
  • Related Land Registration Certificate;
  • Succession certificate where applicable;
  • UK Proof of address such as Council Tax/ H M Revenue statement / Latest Bank Statement/ Utility Bill (Gas bill/ Electricity bill/ Water bill) not more than 3 months old/ Driving License/ University letter mentioning UK address.

For Recipient(s) :

  • Copy of Bangladeshi Voter / National ID card / Valid Bangladeshi Passport / UK Passport with No Visa Required (NVR) stamp/sticker;
  • 3 (three) copies of recent passport size photograph (colour photo with white background);

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