Passport Renewal Advice

Passport Renewal Advice

Passport Renewal Advice

British Passport Eligibility

You can apply for a British passport if you have British nationality. But there are some circumstances where your application can be refused or your existing passport can be retained.

When you can get or hold a British passport

  • You must have British nationality to apply for or hold a British passport.
  • Having British nationality does not guarantee you a passport. For example, you may not get a new passport (or your existing passport may be taken from you) if:

* you’re suspected of a serious crime and an arrest warrant has been issued

* a court order stops you from having a UK passport or restricts your travel

* you’re on bail and bail conditions mean you cannot leave the UK

* you’ve been brought back to the UK before at the government’s expense and have not repaid what you owe

* you’ve received a European Union or United Nations order which restricts your travel

A passport can also be cancelled or not renewed if it’s for a child and there’s a court order in place stopping the child from leaving the UK.

Your eligibility and entitlement to a British passport will be considered when you apply.

Passports belong to the government and can be cancelled or withdrawn at any time.

Bangladeshi Passport

Similar procedures applies for applications for the Bangladeshi Passport.

If a Bangladeshi national

– has an old hand-written passport either valid or expired;

– does not have a hand-written passport but has other relevant documents to establish his/her Bangladeshi nationality;

– so far did not obtain an MRP;

may apply for a new MRP.

Printed copy of duly filled-in and signed Online MRP Application Form;

Bangladeshi National ID Card or Bangladesh Birth Certificate with 17-digit Birth Registration no.;

Existing Bangladesh passport along with a photocopy (pages 1-7);

01 (one) recent Photograph;

Other Countries Passport (If ant for dual Nationality);

Student ID card along with a letter from school (If the applicant is a student);

UK Proof of address such as Council Tax/ H M Revenue statement / OR Latest Bank Statement/ OR Gas bill/ Electricity bill/ water bill/( Not more than 3 months old) OR Driving License Copy/ University letter mentioning UK address.

NB: 1. An applicant who does not have a Bangladesh Birth Certificate with 17-digit Birth Registration no., should obtain the same from their respective City Corporation, Municipality, or Union Council in Bangladesh prior to initiating their MRP application. This Mission may also process the Birth Registration for those who are not in a position to obtain the same from Bangladesh.

NB: 2. Photograph

Recent passport-size photograph (45X35 mm) with white background.

If the applicant is a child under the age of 15, parents’ photographs should be affixed to the application form

Child up to the age of 6 (six), one extra photograph is required for photo-scanning.

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